Hi, I’m Mark Bernstein. I’ve been active in the filk community since 1975. This site is mainly intended as a place to store all the words and (eventually) music I’ve written over the years, so there’s one central place to find it.

This is a work in progress. I’m putting in all the words first, because that’s easier. Over time, I’ll add vocal tracks of my original songs.

Feel free to share this URL (markbernsteinfilk.wordpress.com). This is intended as a public site, and my songs, stories, and poems were always meant to be shared.

Everything on this site that’s copyrighted by me can be considered as being under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC license. You can link to it, you can print it off, you can copy it, and if you perform it I’ll be thrilled and flattered. What you can’t do is take my name off of it, or use it in any profit-making way (recording it for sale, for example, or posting it directly on an ad-driven web site) without my direct permission. Thanks in advance for following the rules.